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What makes us different?

Meet the Next Generation of Retail Design

Informed Design is a specialist in Point of Sale systems. We design and manufacture retail Point of Sale displays that amplify your shop’s appearance and functionality.  Informed Design provides innovative retail solutions that help you build brand awareness, drive traffic and increase sales at store level.  Our custom Point of Sale displays dramatically influence sales and are designed for maximum return on investment.

Change the way you do things

Together we can attract, engage and ultimately drive the consumer decision. With a proven track record across Australia, New Zealand and China, we have partnered with leading retailers, consumer brands and agencies to execute the most efficient and effective solutions that will exceed your marketing goals across all Point of Sale systems.

We have had the pleasure of working with some remarkable Brands

Informed Design works with your business through the whole process, from concept and strategy to design and construction to installation and maintenance. We can provide a total end to end service, or a more flexible arrangement, according to your operational requirements. We realise that time is of the essence and critical to your success: our staff will fit in with your schedule. Our products and displays are finished to the highest standards. Installations are swift and accurate: every last detail is taken care of and the site left immaculate and ready to go.

We are a one stop shop – for your shop! And much more… We are a specialist company, providing innovative, bespoke solutions for businesses large and small with our top tier, custom shopfitting services, products and installations. Informed Design has worked with many highly conspicuous organisations and much loved brands across many years. Our structures, displays, store fixtures and print campaigns are conceived and produced by our own team of experienced industrial designers and project managers. Clients say we are awesome because we handle the entire job, from start to finish, without a hitch: on-time, every-time.

Informed Design has been active in this sector for nearly a quarter of a century. Our team are qualified, highly experienced people who know the industry back to front. We work with some of the best known brands around, such as Bunnings, Coles, Woolworths, Target, JB Hi-Fi, Rebel Sport, Quiksilver, Sony and many more. We have been delivering our products and services to locations around the world for many years, helping our highly visible clients realise their full potential when it comes to visual merchandising, marketing and advertising and ultimately hitting and exceeding those all important sales targets.

We are a unique company. Informed Design offers a full service. We look after your needs from first contact through all stages of the journey: concept, design, production and full store implementation. We offer all-embracing after sales service and maintenance. Our business model is one-of-a-kind and although we don’t compete directly with anyone else offering such a tailored package, it’s fair to say that we most definitely kick any competition’s butt, in terms of results and value for money as well. Others may offer deals on similar products, but no-one else offers the same comprehensive service as we proudly do at Informed Design.