Luggage Leash


Create a counter top display that does the following:

  • cost effective with minimal parts
  • easy to assemble for store staff
  • supplied flat pack for easy and economical delivery to each store
  • promotes the brand and basic product information
  • meets customer budget


The client’s original brief included a suggestion for a small structural display with hooks and printed decals.  After presenting initial concepts and receiving feedback, we altered the design direction and presented a concept and mockup of a cardboard flat pack unit.  Often underestimated, cardboard displays provide great value as they can be fully printed, quick to produce and easy to assemble


  • printed graphics with branding that stands out on a store counter top
  • a neat, flat packed display that can easily be sent to stores and assembled in two minutes
  • assembly instructions provided allows for assembly by store staff
  • a great success that our client is proud to have in stores